Georgia Routsis Savas’s career has ranged far and wide—from the world of media (Ms. Magazine and CNN) to writing horoscopes for magazines (Instyle, Child and Sassy)—and writing fortune-telling books which have been translated into 17 languages (The Oracle Book: Answers to Life’s Questions and The Oracle of Love:  Answers to Questions of the Heart).  Passionate about yoga for 14-plus years, she hemmed and hawed about becoming a teacher, finally taking the plunge which added the letters and numbers “RYT 200” after her name. Besides teaching at Porters Neck Yoga and Spa, she also teaches clients privately and at the Surf City Community Center. Though Georgia was born with an innate fear of being upside down, she managed to accomplish a headstand at the ripe, old age of 50 and is a living testament to the adage, “Never say never"


Studio Owner

Brandy is a Hampstead native who wants to share the benefits of  yoga with everyone.  Yoga is coming home to yourself and using the time on your mat to honor yourself exactly as you are that day.  Her hope is to create a sacred space where people can come to use the silence to listen to their soul, and to practice yoga not only for the physical benefits but for the benefits that it brings to you as you move through your life off of your mat.

​Shea B

Yoga Teacher

Rain Jones

Yoga Teacher

My name is Rain Jones and I was born and raised in Tampa, FL but my boyfriend and I moved to Jacksonville, NC at the beginning of 2019. I have been practicing yoga since freshman year of high school but December of 2018 I decided to dive deeper in my practice and get my 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification. In my spare time I’m either going brewery hopping with my boyfriend, Sean, or hitting the beach with my pups, Koda and Leila. I have a huge sweet tooth and love to snack but my guilty pleasures are baked Cheetos and Scandinavian Swimmers (candy from Trader Joe’s). I look forward to where this journey is taking me and excited to be here!

Meet Our Staff

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Laura N

Yoga Teacher

Laura began practicing yoga at a small town gym in Joshua Tree, California in 2012.  Since then, she’s practiced hot yoga, yin, Kundalini, hot holds, and vinyasa flow classes all along the East Coast.  When the 2020 pandemic hit the world, she decided to take her yoga practice to a deeper level and earned her 200 Certified Yoga Teacher certification through Hot Asana University in Southern Pines, NC.  She is trained under Casey Backus, Virginia Gallagher, and Brady Gallagher. She is a registered Yoga Alliance instructed (RYT 200) and is earning credits toward her 300 RYT certification.  Laura particularly enjoys teaching a basic yoga flow class where your mind and body meet in the midst of a set of accessible, intentional movements that create a really cool flow state where your mind and body work together to find peace in the moment-- and then you simply flow.  She loves that yoga is not just on the mat—it’s a mindset that she carries with her.  When she’s not teaching yoga, she’s raising her three young kids, hanging out in the backyard with her cute husband, or playing in her Irish band, The Paradise Pints.

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Savannah Batchelder, RYT

Yoga Teacher

Savannah started yoga in 2005 as a way to stay flexible and fit during college, but it wasn't until she suffered an injury in 2011 that she really began to fall in love with the therapeutic benefits of yoga on and off the mat.   She discovered both the physical and mental benefits of bringing meditation, breath work and inspirational movements into her physical practice and her daily life.  Her goal is to assist and encourage students to connect with their inner strength and find their fullest Self while unifying the mind, body and soul.  She is so excited to share such a positive life experience with each student she encounters.  She became certified through the Wilmington Yoga Center's Kunga Lifestyle and Teacher Training in 2014 and had the pleasure to study under Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Noelle Cavenaugh, Heather Metzler and Jessica Bichler. She has also studied yoga therapeutics for chronic pain under Tra Kirkpatrick.

Georgia Routis Savas

Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher

Hello, my name is Julia Kelly. I discovered yoga while practicing new hobbies that involved stretching, and let’s be honest, handstands.. This gravitated towards looking for a way to better understand myself. Eventually got connected in a yoga studio talking to teachers where they recommended a yoga teacher training to expand my knowledge and history on yoga. After more self discovery, I decided to help expand this knowledge to those around me and soon began teaching here at Hampstead Yoga Studio. I typically teach vinyasa style, working to connect movement to breath while also diving deep within the connective tissues by slowing down the practice, holding poses, and creating space to quiet the mind. Looking forward to getting on the mat with others and sharing our energies as we meditate, flow, and gain freedom of the stress that everyday life can bring.


Yoga Teacher

Yoga has become a passion that I want to share with everyone.  I completed the Kunga Yoga Lifestyle and Teacher Training program and recieved my certification through the Wilmington Yoga Center.  I enjoy teaching a Basic Yoga Mix and Flow Class, which will feature a variety of postures and flows for all level yogis, leaving you to have the practice you feel your body desires! Come join me for some fun, light hearted, and invigorating practices that will connect your body, your mind, and your soul.


Pilates and Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher

A yogini of over 20 years, Ruth has studied various yoga styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin and Power.    A certified Aroma Yoga instructor, 
Ruth believes yoga is a celebration of life and provides a path for all beings, at any age and skill level to return to their true self. With mindfulness, and other centered living, Ruth marries her passions of essential oils and yoga to nurture every individuals divine self and their journey inward - on and off the mat..

Katie V

Yoga Teacher

Katie was first introduced to yoga while living in the Philippines in 2016. Yoga offered her a safe place to stretch and move after a surf session. However, it wasn’t until 2018, when she moved back to North Carolina, that she took her yoga to another level, falling in love with Flow Power classes. She graduated in November 2019 from Wilmington Yoga Centers Kunga YTT 200hr program. She is trained under Jess Bichler, Trey Barefoot, and Kristen Cooper. She is inspired by yogic philosophy for the health of the body, mind, and spirit and uses yoga as a way to be accountable for her health. Katie was born with Cystic Fibrosis and believes that yoga helped save her life, focusing on deepening her breath, strengthening her body, and keeping a positive attitude. Katie loves sharing her joy for yoga with everyone around her and feels passionate about helping others through their practice. Her mission is to provide a safe place for people to explore their bodies, test their limits, and get to know oneself more deeply. 

Who is Hampstead Yoga Center?

Hampstead Yoga Center is a small yoga studio that is hoping to make a positive difference in the community, and offer a healing and sacred space for you to connect to yourself on your mat.

The goal of the Hampstead Yoga Center is to bring mindfulness into everyone lives. Living a mindful life allows you to be present in your own life, and has many benefits that allow you to appreciate every moment for everything that it has to offer, which results in you being your best self and living a life full of love from your heart.

We offer yoga classes Monday--Sunday at a variety of times, with a set weekly schedule.

We offer class packages, drop in rates, or unlimited monthly memberships. [see prices under "classes" tab]

You can also email,, or call/text 910.228.9124 to sign up for classes, and ask any questions.